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Meet the Designer

Q.  How would you describe your interior design style?

A.   I'm open to considering the full spectrum of styles from Antique to Contemporary to Traditional.  I specialize in details and adding a new twist between old and new.


Q.   Do you have any rules?

A.   Sometimes I like to consider altering rules, because I love to mix materials and style to create an original design concept.


Q.   What inspires you?

A.   My inspiration comes from my early life traveling with my parents throughout much or Europe. My design skills have been influenced by strong architectural details and I have always admired nature's tones with color accents.


Q.   What are some of hte common decorating mistakes made by homeowners?  What's your advice on how to avoid or correct those mistakes?

A.   A design project should be an exciting process of creating for clients.  It is very easy to repeat what has been done over and over.  Professional Interior Designers will help to avoid mistakes and will guide the client towards their objectives.


Q.   Can you help with overall updates to a home without completely redoing everything?

A.   Yes, I love to refinish old accessories to give them a fresh new look.  Bookcases and Curios using beautiful silk fabrics or wallpaper will create some depth and rich design within a room.  By moving pieces around, you can update a room.

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