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Interior Design by Veronique Waldron


We had just bought a 1300 sq.ft. Townhouse in Boise that needed a complete paint redesign since it was all white. We picked up a business card for Veronique at a local furniture store who strongly recommended her. Veronique listened to our needs and gave us several options of the colors we liked. The painting project went very smooth and was very professionally done. After that initial project we had our kitchen completely remodeled and her designing instinct is outstanding. We continue to use her for other projects and would highly recommend her for any of your interior design needs.

Michael Galbos & Christie Stephens

"Veronique Waldron's interiors are beautifully finished, personalized and descreetly luxurious. No detail is too small. She gives you what you wanted but didn't know you wanted! Plus she makes it all look easy."

Christiane Quintens

"A note of thanks for all of your ecouragement and talents. A drastic change took some getting used to, but it was exactly what I wanted. It is absolutely beautiful! I receive many compliements on the new look and the floor plan!"

The Pohlmans

"I just wanted to say how much we appreciate the good job you did for us. You helped transform our livingroom into a wonderfully cozy and beautiful space! We are so happy with the results and thank you so much."

Jan Jensen

"Once again it has been a great pleasure to work with you. Your style is motiviating and your personality invigorating! I am looking forward to your next project."


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